LANSING, Mich., March 10, 2022 — The House Appropriations Committee approved a legislative transfer yesterday to move $666 million from the Strategic Outreach and Attractive Reserve Fund to the Michigan Strategic Site Readiness Program. The legislative transfer would allow General Motors to create hundreds of new, good-paying electric vehicle and manufacturing jobs in Michigan. In response, state Rep. Terry Sabo (D-Muskegon) issued the following statement: 


“Any time there’s the opportunity to create good-paying jobs in Michigan and keep us competitive with other states, I’ll listen. While this involvement with the private sector is not the most favored, it is a necessary evil in our competitive global economy. 


“Those who would try to spin this move as corporate welfare are shortsighted and out of touch with what the automotive industry has meant to Greater Muskegon. While our local businesses don’t assemble vehicles, they’ve employed thousands of people over the years by providing the individual parts for those automobiles. Suppliers need buyers, and with this initiative, we’re ensuring a steady stream of business for Muskegon companies. As a lifelong Muskegon County resident, I understand this and will always fight for legislation that allows our community to prosper.”