“The Republican leadership has demonstrated once again that the only thing they have to offer the people of Michigan during this crisis is partisan political theatre, dripping with hypocrisy. As Michiganders are stretching their dollars and worrying about their livelihood in the face of a global pandemic, legislative Republicans are distracting time and attention away from the state’s response to COVID-19 and squandering scarce taxpayer resources in another dubious attempt to undermine efforts to address this unprecedented public health crisis.

“During this public health crisis, there have been real opportunities for Republicans to help the people of Michigan. From the day Republican leadership refused to institute remote participation, a move that would have allowed the legislature to consider legislation to provide relief in the face of COVID-19 weeks ago, Republicans have made it clear that their only agenda is partisan political games, power grabs, and a relentless effort to undermine the governor’s life-saving response to this deadly virus.

“Political antics do not save lives, protect livelihoods, or respond to this crisis. In fact, they put public health and our state’s economy at greater risk. This lawsuit is a waste of time, waste of taxpayer dollars and will set Michigan’s recovery back weeks, if not months. The people of Michigan deserve better.”