It is unconscionable and a profound misuse of scarce taxpayer dollars — at a minimum of $542,000 in legal fees to challenge Governor Whitmer’s emergency authority — by the Republican legislative leaders in pursuit of their partisan political agenda. Michiganders’ lives and the state’s economic recovery are now in greater jeopardy as the Republican actions have upended critical life-saving measures and resources by disrupting and instilling chaos in the state’s pandemic response.

“Although Republicans continue to mislead the public regarding their ability to engage in the state’s pandemic response, the cold reality is our Republican colleagues should have worked in good faith and partnership with Governor Whitmer and Michigan Democrats to enact vital legislation and placed the wellbeing of Michiganders at the forefront during this public health crisis.

“Since the beginning of this pandemic, Republicans have continually opted to stay on the sidelines and used taxpayer dollars — that should have been directed to support Michiganders and our state’s pandemic response — to pursue a partisan political agenda without a proposed course of action or regard for the people of Michigan.”