“With COVID-19 surging across Michigan, it’s perplexing that Republican House Leadership has cancelled committees and session for tomorrow. House Democrats and Republicans clearly disagree on whether responding to this pandemic is ‘time sensitive.’

“Widespread media speculation that the cancellations were prompted by COVID exposure reminds us all once again that House Republican leadership has failed to take the steps necessary to allow the House to continue functioning safely during this pandemic. Imagine how different things would have looked for the Legislature and the people of Michigan if the House had approved, rather than ignored, Democrats’ plan for remote participation at the start of this public health crisis.

“The Legislature’s ability to safely and effectively perform its duties is made all the more urgent as a result of the lingering chaos created by the Republicans’ reckless litigation to undermine the state’s pandemic response without offering a plan of action. Michiganders need decisive leadership as lives are in serious jeopardy.”

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