“I am appalled at the Capitol Commission’s decision to shirk their responsibility to make a decision regarding the safety of legislators, staff and members of the public on Capitol grounds. According to Attorney General Dana Nessel and backed up by a previous determination by former Attorney General Bill Schuette, there is no doubt whatsoever regarding the Commission’s legal authority to decide on this matter.

“It is clear that partisan politics are at play again in this matter. The conduct of today’s meeting and the Commission’s action both smacks of partisanship and shows a stunning disregard for public safety that places legislators, staff and the public at great risk. The Michigan State Capitol Commission must not delay a decision to prohibit firearms within the Capitol to appease Republican leadership. With very real threats of the continued presence of assault-style weapons at future meetings of the legislature, and numerous and many specific threats of violence against legislators and statewide officials, this matter is not resolved. We must ensure the safety and security of everyone who enters our State Capitol.”