LANSING — The Michigan House Democrats introduced a resolution today calling for an investigation into Michigan’s high gasoline prices, which were recently named the highest in the continental U.S. State Representative Bill LaVoy (D-Monroe) supports the resolution, which urges state Attorney General Bill Schuette to open an investigation into recent high gas prices and prosecute any producer, wholesaler or retailer suspected of price fixing.

“When gas prices are sky-high, it puts a severe damper on our economy.” Residents and visitors have less money to spend on local businesses, and boaters can’t afford to fill up watercraft to take full enjoyment of the summer weather,” LaVoy said. “If these prices are artificially high, we need to know about it.”

A recent survey by AAA of Michigan found that Michigan’s average price of gasoline stood at $4.22 per gallon, compared to a national average of $3.64 per gallon, making Michigan the state with the highest gas prices in the continental U.S. Michigan’s high gasoline prices have been blamed on refinery problems in Illinois and Indiana that have caused a shortage of gasoline, but reporters looking into the issue have said that details about the refinery problems are hard to come by.

“Simply driving to work or taking the kids to school should not break the family budget,” LaVoy said. “Middle-class families deserve to know why they’re paying so much at the pump.”

LaVoy urges citizens to join the effort to open a gas price investigation. Voters can sign a petition at to join the call for an investigation.