LANSING – Michigan House Democrats are using this week and next to spend time in their communities during the in-district work period. The two week break from session in Lansing allows legislators to meet with their constituents and discuss what’s happening in their districts and in Lansing, as well as the opportunity to host events on various topics that impact the state and local communities.

Overall, during the break from session, House Democrats will hold:

  • Nearly 100 meetings with community groups, city councils, school groups and individual constituents. These have also come in the form of town halls and forums to inform residents of certain legislation.
  • More than 30 classrooms visited for the end of March is Reading Month.
  • More than 20 coffee and constituent hours.

While this is a pause from the day-to-day work in Lansing, House Democrats are staying involved in their communities, because they understand that they work for their constituents. A break from session is not a break from public service, and the House Democrats remain committed to serving their constituents while in Lansing and in their districts.