House Democrats Kick off Countdown to a Better Michigan Project

Dems celebrate 141 bills going into effect Feb. 13

Speaker of the House Joe Tate

LANSING, Mich., Feb. 3, 2024 — For the first time in 40 years, Democrats gained control of the Legislature and the governor’s office last year. With its majority, the party that puts people first had a remarkably productive year that resulted in a historic number of bills passed and signed into law. Today, Michigan House Democrats begin the Countdown to a Better Michigan project to celebrate 141 bills going into effect on Feb. 13. 

To mark the occasion and to inform Michiganders, the Countdown to a Better Michigan project runs for 10 days, Feb. 3-13, highlighting a different set of legislation soon to become law. These laws passed by the Democratic trifecta include support for workers, improving education, protecting elections, lowering costs, safeguarding rights, investing in communities, improving clean energy, increasing public safety and decreasing gun violence.

“The Countdown to a Better Michigan project is possible because Michiganders made their voices known and elected a Democratic trifecta, focused on putting people first. We’ve listened and delivered on what Michiganders need the most to live better lives now and in the future. We’ve made historic investments in the people of our great state and have made some real inroads to uplift working families and individuals above and out of poverty. 

Democrats are focused on making a better Michigan for all people — from better paying jobs, more protection for personal freedoms, more access to quality education and training and increasing the earned income tax credit, to rolling back taxes for retirees, putting more money back into the pockets of Michiganders — Democrats have kept their promises by working on the issues that hit home and matter to people the most. We want Michiganders to know we hear you and the proof is in the policy we’ve passed and signed into law,” said Speaker of the House Joe Tate (D-Detroit). 

The Countdown to a Better Michigan project features the following set of bills organized by Democratic priority (or focus) area, set to go into effect Feb. 13

To follow along by topic of interest to you, please follow the schedule of highlights:

  • Day 1: Sunday, Feb. 4 — Supporting hard working Michiganders and protecting workers’ rights 
  • Day 2: Monday, Feb. 5 — Education
  • Day 3: Tuesday, Feb. 6 — Elections & Campaign Finance Reforms
  • Day 4: Wednesday, Feb. 7 — Lowering costs/putting money back in Michiganders’ pockets 
  • Day 5: Thursday, Feb. 8 — Protecting personal rights and freedoms
  • Day 6: Friday, Feb. 9 — Health and wellbeing
  • Day 7: Saturday, Feb. 10 — Investing in communities and housing
  • Day 8: Sunday, Feb. 11 — Energy and the Environment 
  • Day 9: Monday, Feb. 12 — Public safety and criminal justice reforms
  • Day 10: Tuesday, Feb. 13 — Honor with Action 

For more information about the Countdown to a Better Michigan, including an easy topical guide to the full list of bills passed and signed into law, please go to