A new video condemns lack of action in Lansing while Speaker Wentworth scraps scarce session days off summer calendar


LANSING, Mich., July 20, 2022 — House Democrats took todays “no voting, no attendance” session day in Lansing to respond to the lack of legislative action on many issues facing Michiganders statewide. The Republican majority in the House of Representatives sets the legislative session calendar, and despite scheduling only one day of session in each of the months of July and August, took further steps to all but cancel today’s scheduled session day.

“This is no time for a summer vacation,” said House Democratic Leader Donna Lasinski (D-Scio Township). “Look around you — anywhere in this state, from the checkout counter at the grocery store to the price of gasoline along every Michigan roadway, it’s obvious to any Michigander that this is no time for our government to be asleep at the wheel. Reproductive rights hang by a thread; we could have used today to protect those rights and save lives. Gasoline is still outrageously priced; we could have passed a gasoline sales tax suspension today and afford everybody a break at the pump. Inflation is still battering family pocketbooks; we introduced legislation to send every household a $500 check to pad out the pantry or get back on top of their bills. Instead, this Republican majority isn’t moving a single bill.”

No legislation will be voted on, and attendance won’t even be taken for today’s supposed day of session in the House of Representatives.

“The people of Michigan sent us here to do a job, and they expect us to show up and do our job just like they do every day,” said state Rep. Alex Garza (D-Taylor). “With rising costs everywhere Michiganders are working harder than ever this Summer, but here in Lansing, Republicans have told us to do the exact opposite. There’s too much important work to be done for us to take a summer vacation Michiganders can’t even afford to take themselves.”

The video can be found here.