State Representative Henry Yanez (D-Sterling Heights), Democratic Leader Tim Greimel (D-Auburn Hills) and members of the House Democratic Caucus heard how middle-class families have been impacted by tax increases and education cuts in Michigan. The event, held at the Polish Century Club is part of the House Democrats’ Listening Tour, a series of “Town Hall” style events being held across the state.

“What matters most to me and all of my colleagues that joined me in Sterling Heights is that the policies we create and support benefit hard-working Michigan families,” Yanez said. “This Listening Tour is an opportunity for us to hear from the people about how Lansing is working, or not working, for them.”

During his annual State of the State address, Gov. Rick Snyder claimed Michigan is on the right track and recently, House Republican’s offered an “Action Plan” that highlighting the last two years of accomplishments made by legislative Republican’s. However, said Yanez,”For the last two years, the only benefactors of the governor’s agenda are big corporations and CEO’s, not middle class families.”

In response, House Democrats announced they would be holding the Real State of Our State tour, where middle-class families could share how two years of the Republican’s misguided priorities have hurt them. Taxes on seniors and families have increased, school funding has seen a massive disinvestment, our roads are crumbling and women are being denied access to critical health care.

“I’m not sure what rose-colored glasses the Republicans are looking through, but their perception is far from the reality for many struggling Michigan families,” Greimel said.

In the last legislative session, Governor Snyder and House Republicans passed laws that are out of touch with the needs of middle-class families. Even after the 2012 election, when voters soundly rejected those policies, more divisive and harmful bills were passed during the lame duck session: personal property tax reform, which shifts the tax burden from corporations to local communities; a reprise of the emergency financial manager law, which voters repealed at the polls; and a so-called “right-to-work” package, which attacks collective bargaining rights and will lower wages across the state. When people came to Lansing to express their outrage, they were forcibly removed from the Capitol and shut out of the legislative process.

“House Democrats are working hard to ensure that the people of Michigan are heard loud and clear,” continued Greimel. “It’s time that legislative Republicans listen to the voices that they were elected to represent.”