The plan consists of 6 pieces of urgent legislation that put and keep more dollars in the pockets of Michigan households.


LANSING, Mich., Sept. 8, 2022 — Today House Democrats unveiled the MI Pocketbook Plan, an urgent economic agenda to bolster household finances, protect workers from employment crimes, and provide tax relief to seniors and working families. The 6 bill package provides Michiganders the best tools to combat rising costs, keep more of their earnings come tax season, and guards against payroll fraud and the outsourcing of jobs.

“The plan is all in the name – this is about the pocketbooks and kitchen-table economics of Michigan households. The MI Pocketbook Plan is six bills that solve huge problems for the people of our state,” said House Democratic Leader Donna Lasinski (D-Scio Township). “This is about protecting workers, lifting tax burdens, putting more dollars in the hands of hardworking Michiganders and keeping them there.”

The Legislature has been on an extended summer break, at the direction of the Republican Majority, at a time when Michiganders need relief right now. The bills included in the MI Pocketbook Plan each aim squarely at benefitting Michigan households and would result in tangible, meaningful relief throughout the state.

“The MI Pocketbook Plan is an urgent call to action for the legislature. It’s well past time to show back up and do our jobs and passing this crucial package should be an immediate priority,” said state Representative Alex Garza (D-Taylor) “This plan protects workers from certain exploitative practices, ends government sponsorship of outsourcing jobs, and gives working people an enhanced tax credit at the end of the year. We’re going to get $500 checks in the mail to help families fight back against inflation right now and we’re going to finally lift the unfair Republican retirement tax off the backs of our seniors.”

“It’s a simple set of bills, solving problems and lifting burdens off thousands of homes in the state. This is the type of commonsense people-first legislation the people of Michigan expect from their representatives and we owe it to them to pass the MI Pocketbook Plan urgently,” said state Rep. Amos O’Neal (D-Saginaw).

Bills in the package include:

  • House Bill 4490: Repeals the retirement tax, which would save 500,000 Michigan households an average of $1,000. (Rep. Angela Witwer)
  • House Bill 4986: Expands the working families tax credit (EITC) from 6% to 20%, which would lift 22,000 people out of poverty and send 730,000 working class families an average refund of almost $3,000. (Rep. Rachel Hood) 
  • House Bill 6024: Increases the civil penalties for employers who steal wages and benefits from their employees. (Rep. Alex Garza)
  • House Bill 6034: Prevents employers from stealing benefits by ensuring employees are not misclassified as independent contractors. (Rep. Jim Haadsma)
  • House Bill 6097: Eliminates corporate deductions for expenses related to outsourcing to protect and maintain Michigan’s economy. (Rep. Nate Shannon)
  • House Bill 6346: Grants a $500 tax rebate for those filing taxes individually if their income is less than $125,000 or to those filing jointly if their income is less than $250,000. (Rep. Nate Shannon)