LANSING — House Democrats unveiled their Building Opportunity agenda today at a press conference in the Capitol building, outlining their key priorities for 2018. The Democrats’ Building Opportunity agenda calls for a new focus on working families, prioritizing legislation that would drive the state economy forward and give Michiganders the freedom to build the life they want, with the good-paying job they need to support their family and retire in dignity.

“After seven years of missed opportunities and mismanagement in Lansing, Michigan families deserve the opportunity to build a better life for themselves,” said House Democratic Leader Sam Singh. “For nearly a decade, special interest groups have rigged the system against working Michiganders, and House Democrats are ready to fix that. We’re fighting for our shared values and the things families care about: better roads, better schools, a better economy that works for us all. Our plan gives families the freedom and opportunity to build a life that allows all Michiganders to thrive.”

House Democrats outlined four major initiatives for the year:

Building an economy that works for everyone — increased training for workers to learn the 21st century skills they need for the good-paying jobs they want, putting Michigan workers and companies first, supporting the small, neighborhood businesses that fuel our local economies, and fighting for a better deal on taxes that ensures everyone pays their fair share.

Making healthcare affordable — supporting families by tackling skyrocketing prescription drug costs, protecting seniors by ensuring they are able to retire with dignity, and protecting the Healthy Michigan Program.

Supporting student success — providing a quality education through the support of great educators, reining in classroom sizes and giving students the freedom to choose their path in life by offering a community college promise to all Michigan residents.

Building quality infrastructure — fixing our local roads while creating good-paying jobs, expanding and strengthening broadband access for families in every corner of the state, and holding corporations that pollute our natural resources accountable.

“The Snyder-Schuette administration has allowed Republican leadership in this state to continuously rob working families of the opportunity for success,” said House Democratic Floor Leader Christine Greig (D-Farmington Hills). “House Democrats know that together, we’re capable of building something different. That starts with prioritizing the needs of everyday Michiganders — not special interests and corporate donors. The things we’re fighting for won’t just help families today, they’ll strengthen Michigan tomorrow.”

In 2017, House Democrats released plans to lower skyrocketing prescription drug costs, protect seniors and people with pre-existing conditions from health care cuts coming from Washington, and give Michigan-owned businesses and their workers a fair shot at contracts with state and local governments. In the coming months, House Democrats will introduce legislation to support their Building Opportunity agenda, including a community college promise, tools to support small businesses, protection for Healthy Michigan and an infrastructure plan that actually fixes Michigan roads while creating thousands of good-paying jobs and driving the economy forward.

“Corruption has been rampant in Michigan for nearly a decade, allowing special interest groups to buy a Michigan that works for them,” said state Rep. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield). “As a result, everyday Michiganders are struggling to get by. That’s why we’re fighting for a system that prioritizes them and the things that will build a state that puts working families first. That Michigan is possible. House Democrats are committed to making it a reality.”

To view the full plan, please click here.