Dem trifecta committed to making positive change for Michiganders

LANSING, Mich., Jan. 24, 2024 — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer delivered the 2024 State of the State address tonight. This annual event brings together Michigan’s three branches of government and their leaders. During the governor’s speech, she touched on many important priorities to positively change the lives of Michiganders and to spur future momentum for the state. Democrats are focused on lowering costs of the biggest expenses Michiganders face by building new housing to lower skyrocketing rental prices; making transportation more affordable; ensuring Michiganders keep more of their hard-earned money with a caregivers tax credit; expanding accessible education from free pre-K through a two-year associate degree; and putting people first by “Making it in Michigan.”

“Housing is a key priority of mine. I’ve made it clear — Michigan needs more affordable housing. In my district, the limited accessibility to housing makes rent too high, so much so that some employers are forced to house their employees to keep the business staffed,” said state Rep. Jenn Hill (D-Marquette). “With the governor announcing the largest investment to build homes in state history, Michiganders will finally feel some relief with around 10,000 new housing options being developed across our state. I will be working with the governor to make sure Yoopers receive the support they need through this historic investment.”

“Michigan’s caregiver tax credits would help those who are responsible for the health and wellbeing of another person, whether that be the elderly or a chronically sick child. Hard-working caretakers could receive up to $5,000,” said state Rep. Jennifer Conlin (D-Ann Arbor). “I, myself, have experienced the emotional and financial struggles as a caregiver, and allow me to say — it is a lot of responsibility, and a lot of sacrifice. Michiganders who are dedicated and committed to helping another need the opportunity to make ends meet — this credit does just that.”

“As a former educator, I’m dedicated to ensuring Michiganders have access to a solid educational experience from start to finish. Last year, we strengthened our K-12 schools with historic investments in per-pupil spending, free breakfast and lunch and relieving school debt.” said state Rep. Carol Glanville (D-Walker), chair of the House Higher Education Committee. “Our kids are our most valuable asset. And this year, we’re looking to continue investing in them. We’re poised to guarantee our youngest Michiganders a solid start to school with free pre-K for 4-year-olds. And for our graduating seniors, we’re dedicated to providing two years of free community college so they can get a solid start on what comes next. Guaranteed education from pre-K through community college will level the playing field for all Michiganders, opening the door to a future with expanded opportunities without the financial burden.”

“We understand the economic frustration that Michiganders are enduring, and Dems are dedicated to finding solutions that work and that people can really feel,” said state Rep. Jason Hoskins (D-Southfield), chair of the House Economic Development and Small Business Committee. “The trifecta is bringing supply chains home, encouraging our businesses to hire more from Michigan and diversifying our investments, while also establishing quality roads to continue economic success. Tonight’s address highlights the efforts taken and the positive direction to ‘Make it in Michigan.’” 

“Why wouldn’t you want to live in Michigan? We’ve got the Michigan Wolverines winning the College Football National Championship. — (GO BLUE); a Detroit Lions team marching toward the Super Bowl — (ONE PRIDE); and state leaders that continue time and time again to put people first — just look at all the work we’ve done and where we are headed. There is no doubt about it, I’m optimistic. Michigan is the place to be,” said state Rep. Donavan McKinney (D-Detroit).