LANSING — Michigan House Democrats announced plans to hold health care town halls across the state this summer the day after they formally introduced a resolution to protect individuals’ right to high-quality, affordable health care options. The resolution, called the Michigan Health Care Bill of Rights, was announced at a press conference in May and was officially introduced to the Legislature yesterday after being signed by every member of the House Democratic Caucus.

“Every person should have the freedom to select the health care option that best meets their needs,” said House Democratic Leader Sam Singh (D-East Lansing). “It is our responsibility as state legislators to ensure we are protecting and defending that right and guarantee that every Michigander has access to high-quality, affordable coverage no matter their income level or where they live. The Michigan Health Care Bill of Rights commits the Legislature to defending that right from federal overreach.”

Under proposed federal legislation, people with pre-existing conditions, seniors, and individuals in need of essential health benefits like maternity care, prescription drug coverage, substance abuse care and hospitalization are at risk of losing or being priced out of coverage due to skyrocketing costs. The Michigan Health Care Bill of Rights protects the ability of individuals to select a health care option that meets their needs and fits their budget.

“I am proud to stand with 55 of my colleagues in the House and the Senate in support of this important resolution,” said state Rep. Winnie Brinks (D-Grand Rapids). “Quality, affordable health care is essential for individuals and families to feel secure. That is why we are focused on protecting Michiganders from harmful federal legislation and ensuring that they maintain their ability to make the best health care decisions for themselves and their families.”

House Democrats will host health care town halls to discuss the Michigan Health Care Bill of Rights and to hear directly from community members on issues that are important to them. The first of several town halls will be hosted by state Rep. Tom Cochran (D-Mason), will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, July 17, at The Robin Theatre in Lansing. Additional town halls will take place around the state in August and September, with details coming closer to the date of the events.

Additional information about the Michigan Health Care Bill of Rights can be found online: