• Governor Whitmer’s bill signings provide critical funding, create additional revenue opportunities through legalized internet gaming and sports betting, and dedicate funding on behalf of our schools and first responders.
  • Working with Governor Whitmer, House Democrats deliver $100 million in budget priorities to increase or retain funding to improve our schools, protect our environment and grow our economy.
  • Although budget negotiations were challenging, working in a bipartisan manner moves Michigan in the right direction, and this approach must continue as we gear up for next year’s budget process.

Lansing, Mich. — Today, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed bills to provide critical funding through supplemental budgets and create additional revenue opportunities through legalized internet gaming and sports betting.

The supplemental budgets provide important funding for our schools, first responders, and an array of programs that deliver invaluable support and services for many Michiganders. The legalization of internet gaming and sports betting enables dedicated resources for Michigan’s children and for firefighters battling cancer. During the budget process, House Democrats secured $100 million in budget priorities, and also achieved important policy-related changes to improve our schools, protect our environment and provide access to health care.

“With the signing of these supplemental budgets, we are finally putting this year’s budget behind us. When the executive and legislative branches work collaboratively, we move Michigan in the right direction,” said House Democratic Leader Christine Greig (D-Farmington Hills). “House Democrats delivered significant funding toward our priorities, and policy-related changes in the School Aid budget. As we enter next year’s budget process, we must remain committed to a bipartisan approach that places Michiganders’ values and priorities first.”

“Negotiating this budget has been a long road,”, said Democratic vice chair of the House Appropriations Committee Rep. Jon Hoadley (D-Kalamazoo). “Throughout this process, we made sure the people of Michigan came first and their priorities were our priorities. There is still work to do to properly fund our schools and invest in infrastructure, but these supplemental budgets were a good start.”

As gaming is an integral component of our state’s economy and a critically important funding mechanism for our public schools, the legalization of internet gaming and sports betting will strengthen the School Aid Fund by $4.8 million and invest an additional $4 million into the First Responder Presumed Coverage Fund to provide wage loss and medical benefits to qualified first responders that have developed certain cancers.

“Today we are doing more than modernizing Michigan’s gaming industry, we are also changing the way we as a state support our students and first responders,” added Greig. “We must continue to optimize our resources to provide opportunities for all Michiganders and to support those who put their lives in danger to protect and serve us.”