Dems committed to your reproductive health care, your bodies, your rights

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Feb. 22, 2024 — Vice President Kamala Harris is making her fourth stop on her “Fight for Reproductive Freedom” tour today in Grand Rapids. The event will recognize the many Michigan lawmakers, activists and individuals who have worked to protect the state’s reproductive and bodily autonomy rights.

“I am thrilled to be welcoming Vice President Harris to Grand Rapids. Although we’ve made great strides in protecting reproductive rights here in Michigan, there is still work to be done. Having her advocacy is a great support in our continued efforts,” said state Rep. Carol Glanville (D-Walker). “Everyone has the right to reproductive freedom, which involves the right to make and carry out decisions regarding all matters related to pregnancy without political interference. These include access to birth control, abortion, infertility services, miscarriage care, prenatal care and childbirth. As a nation, we face many threats and barriers to this necessary healthcare. Just this week, we saw in Alabama a ruling that has thrown IVF treatment into a spiral, dashing the hopes of thousands of couples to start a family of their own. We must persist in our efforts to protect the rights of individuals and families to access reproductive health services as needed.”

In June 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court released its decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The case upheld the constitutionality of Mississippi’s law that placed a ban on abortion after 15 weeks. Upholding that law at this level overturned Roe v. Wade. This gave the power back to the states on deciding abortion rights, severely limiting the right to abortion and other reproductive health care throughout the country.

“The overturn of Roe was shocking as well as disheartening. The biggest driver of change is the people’s understanding of injustice. From this, Michiganders spoke loud and clear to protect abortion access. I was honored to introduce the bill that repealed the 1931 criminal abortion ban,” said Speaker Pro Tempore Laurie Pohutsky (D-Livonia), chair of the Progressive Women’s Caucus. “Our work doesn’t end there. A right isn’t a right without the ability to access it. Red tape restricted abortion access across our state. We passed the Reproductive Health Act to ensure these rights are accessible to all Michiganders. Our state is well on its way in protecting reproductive health, and we welcome the Vice President to our home state. We know the fight to ensure these rights isn’t over.”

In November 2022, Michigan voted in favor of enshrining reproductive rights into the state constitution through Proposal 3. Democratic lawmakers answered the call of voters by repealing the archaic 1931 abortion ban, eliminating the criminal penalties for the medical procedure. However, there were still other laws that infringed on the access to reproductive health care. The Reproductive Health Act was introduced and passed to roll back medically unnecessary and politically motivated barriers that hindered access to abortion care.

After Michiganders and elected Democrats made these monumental strides, Right to Life, Republican lawmakers and other anti-choice organizations filed a federal lawsuit against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and other Democratic officials on Nov. 8 seeking to overturn Proposal 3. The lawsuit continues and most recently, Attorney General Dana Nessel sought case dismissal due to the lack of standing.

“It is an honor that the Vice President came to our state and especially Grand Rapids to support reproductive health care rights. Michigan has proved itself as a national leader in this area and these rights,” said state Rep. Kristian Grant (D-Grand Rapids). “These threats toward reproductive health care are against the people’s will and a threat to democracy. I am optimistic that Michigan will continue to champion these rights for its people and continue to shape our state into a place that all people feel welcome, and where they have the autonomy to choose what is best for their bodies and lives.”

House Democrats and Harris are dedicated to ensuring people have the reproductive rights they want and deserve. For more information on your rights to reproductive health care go to