LANSING – The Michigan House of Representatives voted 62-48 today to pass an omnibus budget for all of state government except education.

This morning at 9:48 am, the Republicans introduced their 700 plus page budget. This afternoon, they suspended the rules to vote it through second and third reading, quickly sending it to the Senate.

“Unfortunately, the Republican budget promises deep cuts to health care programs that serve our most vulnerable residents and concurrently cuts support for jobs programs like Graduate Medical Education and workforce training,” remarked Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor). “In the end, they passed a budget that eliminates jobs. This budget slashes jobs in public safety and economic development.”

For Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County, this move cements cuts to public safety funding such as revenue sharing and fire protection grants. Amongst a host of other unconscionable cuts, some highlights include: the elimination of clothing assistance for indigent children, state funding for Meals on Wheels, and a $20 million cut to public transportation.

“Democrats offered one hundred and twenty three amendments to help our seniors, educate our kids, keep our communities safe, and help our middle-class families. Only one of these amendments passed, but was later eliminated by House Republicans.”

The School Aid budget is expected to move tomorrow.