In the first voting session day since June, Democrats offered amendments to repeal the ’31 abortion ban; all efforts shot down


LANSING, Mich., Sept. 21, 2022 — House Democrats, in their relentless pursuit of repealing the state’s archaic 1931 abortion ban, put the repeal before the House three times Wednesday. The first attempt occurred in the House Transportation Committee as an amendment, and every Republican on the committee voted against it. Democrats attempted twice on the house floor, once via tie bar amendment and again via discharge motion, where the Republicans again voted against taking action on the repeal.

“Throughout the entire state, the archaic 1931 law has enormous stakes for Michiganders’ health and lives. This 1931 law must be repealed,” said House Democratic Leader Donna Lasinski (D-Scio Township). “The Republican crusade of ‘31 or Bust’ is dangerous and cruel. Their steadfast defense of this law in committee, on the floor of the House, and in the courts belies the truth that we could solve this problem right here in the House with a simple repeal. While we will continue to fight for repeal, today the Republican caucus voted to keep the ban on the books three separate times, endangering women and child victims of sexual abuse.”