LANSING — State Rep. Leslie Love (D-Detroit) announced today that House Speaker Tom Leonard (R-DeWitt) has appointed her to two additional legislative positions outside her standing committee assignments. The first is an alternate spot on the Michigan Legislative Council, which is a constitutionally mandated body that appropriates funding for crucial legislative functions, such as bill drafting and research.

“Quite simply, without the functions that the Legislative Council makes possible, we as lawmakers couldn’t do our jobs,” Love said. “Keeping the wheels of government turning means that I can continue to represent my constituents in Redford and Detroit, so I look forward to this new role.”

Speaker Leonard also named Love to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Labor and Economic Development Committee for the 2017-18 term. The NCSL works with legislators from all 50 states to develop state-level policies and advocate for states at the federal level. The Labor and Economic Development Committee is one of nine that the NCSL has convened for the purposes of developing an advocacy agenda.

“I am very excited to serve on the Labor and Economic Development Committee, not just because this is a critical issue in Michigan and many other states, but because it ties into my role as the Democratic vice chairwoman of the House Workforce and Talent Development Committee and my efforts to expand and include opportunities for diverse groups to fully engage in career opportunities in Michigan,” Love said. “It is an honor to be able to craft policy solutions that will help workers find good-paying jobs in Michigan so they can live comfortably and retire with security.”