At the inception of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program in Michigan, the Unemployment Insurance Agency allowed people to select reasons for collecting PUA benefits that were not approved by U.S. Department of Labor. UIA is now required to reevaluate people’s eligibility based on a new list of approved reasons. There are four reasons that are no longer qualifying and claimants who selected one of those reasons during certification will need to go back and reestablish their eligibility for PUA.

If you received the letter “Notice of Expanded Eligibility Reasons for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)” and have been paid PUA benefits, you must submit a new reason (“self-attestation”) for unemployment within 20 days in order to continue to be eligible for those benefits.

To resubmit your self-attestation, log into your Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM) and click on the “Requalify for PUA” link under the Alerts tab. When providing your self-attestation, you can select more than one COVID-19 related reason. Select as many reasons as apply to your situation. Do not select reasons that do not directly apply to you.