Under Michigan law, the state Legislature has a duty to deliver a final budget to the governor by July 1. After refusing to vote on spending bills, Republican leadership in the House and Senate failed to fulfill this duty. State and local services that Michiganders rely on are in jeopardy until they come back to work. House Democrats are ready to get the job done.

“During crisis after crisis, Republican leadership has consistently demonstrated an inability to make tough decisions and do what needs to be done to lead. From COVID to the recent flooding in Wayne County, our friends and neighbors are turning to their leaders for support. We can’t afford their failed leadership during a crisis.”

– House Democratic Leader Donna Lasinski (D-Scio Township)

Michigan has a long history of settling the budget by July 1, whether under a Democratic or Republican governor. In fact, the legislative majority passed a law requiring a final budget by July 1.

The state’s fiscal year starts October 1, so why is July 1 so important?

The fiscal year for local governments and school districts starts July 1. If they have to wait until October, they can be left guessing how much money they should be expecting from the state. These entities are looking to recover from the pandemic and move toward a new normal; now more than ever, they need to know their operational budgets are set, not more uncertainty.