LANSING — State Rep. Sheryl Kennedy (D-Davison) introduced House Bill 4147 today to protect children in daycare from being physically restrained or secluded in non-emergency situations. Currently, these measures are only prohibited when used for coercion, discipline, convenience or retaliation, making it difficult to enforce. Kennedy’s bill would create the same standards for daycare facilities as those set for Michigan’s schools by prohibiting the seclusion and restraint in all cases unless there is an emergency that threatens someone’s personal safety.

“My greatest concern as a parent has always been the well-being of my children, and I think that is true of all parents,” said Kennedy. “It takes an enormous amount of trust to put your child’s safety and security in the hands of someone else and my legislation helps to ensure that trust is not misplaced. This bill will provide parents the peace of mind that comes from knowing our children are given the highest standard of care and that those who fail to provide that standard will be held accountable.”

HB 4147 was introduced in response to a traumatic story of a constituent’s two-year-old child that was repeatedly wrapped from neck to toe in a blanket for hours at a time at a daycare facility and left alone on the floor. The practice allegedly continued for months until a daycare staff member shared photos with the parents of the child being restrained.