DAVISON — State Rep. Sheryl Kennedy (D-Davison) recently met with the superintendents and administrators from every school system in her home district, using the opportunity during these school tours to discuss the most important challenges facing Michigan’s students, as well as the steps that needed to be taken to overcome them. Chronic underfunding, inconsistent performance metrics and a lack of support from Lansing were some of the most common issues identified by school officials. Kennedy, a lifelong teacher and administrator, has made improving the quality of education in Michigan her top legislative priority.

“As Gov. Whitmer said in her State of the State address, Michigan’s schools haven’t been failing us, we have been failing them,” said Kennedy. “Preparing our students to thrive is not only vital to moving Michigan forward, it is one of our most important obligations as a state. Every student in Michigan deserves the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their ZIP code, and that begins by ensuring all of our schools have the resources they need to deliver the world-class education that only our great teachers can provide.”

The superintendents’ concerns are supported by a recently released study by Michigan State University found that school funding in Michigan has declined faster than any state in the nation. Kennedy aims to reverse that trend.