Rep. Sheryl Kennedy (D-Davison) worked with colleagues on both sides of the aisle this week to stand together in support of Capt. Jonathon Turnbull.

Kennedy first met Turnbull through one of her choral students, Samantha Delgado, when he came home to visit after completing his education at West Point. Over the years, Kennedy kept up to date with the young couple while Capt. Turnbull continued his military career.

After several years of service and numerous deployments, Sam and Jon, with their 6-year-old son Ian, decided it was time to put down family roots and purchased a home in Clio. Jon simply had one last deployment in Syria and then he would be home for good.

But on January 16, tragedy struck. Capt. Turnbull was grievously wounded in the line of duty. Among his injuries were several shrapnel wounds, a broken pelvis and a fractured skull. The 32-year-old father was fighting for his life. He was immediately moved to Germany where medical professionals worked tirelessly to keep him alive. When his condition was stable enough, Jon was brought home to Walter Reed Hospital in Virginia, where he continues to receive treatment.

Though Jon lost his sight due to his injuries, he and his wife Samantha have never lost their faith. In order to keep his spirits up and encourage his recovery, his family created TBULL STRONG bracelets. Kennedy provided these bracelets to every one of her House colleagues so that they could join in recognizing the sacrifice of Sam and Jon, and all families who have loved ones serving overseas to ensure that we remain free.