State Representatives John Kivela (D-Marquette) presented a bipartisan letter to Gov. Rick Snyder today requesting that he declare a state of emergency for frozen water lines. With historic cold temperatures, many communities are struggling to maintain necessary services despite the utilization of mandated “let water run” orders, private contracts to assist in thawing water mains and the reallocation of public works staffing.

“I applaud the efforts of our local governments in exhausting all possibilities in working to keep water mains and lines from freezing,” said Kivela. “However, with weeks of cold weather still on the way, we believe the state needs to step in to help protect our citizens.”

Recently, Marquette County requested a local state of emergency declaration from the state Emergency Response System and was denied. Kivela is working with legislators across the aisle to make sure residents in his district, as well as throughout the state, see relief in the near future.

“I urge the governor to consider our request and aid the many Michiganders struggling with frozen pipes,” Kivela said. “Declaring an official state of emergency will restore water service to countless homes and businesses that have been forced to go without water for too long.”