State Representative John Kivela (D-Marquette) testified yesterday in front of the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee in favor of House Resolution 0256, urging the U.S. Army to continue the ROTC program at Northern Michigan University.

“The ROTC program is a very good recruiting tool for the university,” Kivela said. “Since 1969, the program has produced nearly 400 graduates that don’t just come from the Upper Peninsula, but the entire Midwest.”

The program is currently scheduled to be eliminated in May 2015. The resolution, which passed the committee 13-0, now goes to the full House of Representatives. If the resolution is passed, copies will be sent to the U.S. secretary of the army and members of the Michigan congressional delegation.

“NMU has the second-lowest tuition in the state making this program attainable for those students who come from low-income families,” Kivela said. “It is important for these students, the state and the security of our nation to keep the ROTC program running at NMU. I hope that as this resolution is brought to the full House, my colleagues will act quickly in passing it.”