LANSING — State Representative John Kivela (D-Marquette) said that he is pleased the package of speed limit bills, including his House Bill 4426, won House approval yesterday. Kivela’s bill now goes to Gov. Rick Snyder to be signed into law.

“My legislation creates a new lower penalty of one point for drivers ticketed for going one to five miles per hour over the posted speed, which under current state law is a two point offense,” said Kivela. “Along with the other bills in this package, we’ve made common sense changes to some of our speed limits on certain roads while still protecting drivers, passengers and pedestrians.” 

Kivela’s bill also includes a provision that specifies that the Secretary of State may conduct an investigation or re-examination of a driver if he or she has six or more five-over violations within a two-year period.

The package of bills, House Bills 4423-4427, do not increase speed limits in work zones, or reduce points for speeding violations in work zones.

“I thank my colleagues for their support for my bill and the other bills in this package,” said Kivela.