LANSING, Mich., March 2, 2023 — House Democrats have introduced gun reform legislation today. The bill package focuses on tackling gun violence via three central reforms — universal background checks, safe storage laws and extreme risk protection orders. Democrats have previously introduced gun reform legislation; however, after the fatal mass shooting at Michigan State University, there is an urgent call for bipartisan support to end gun violence and increase public safety. State Rep. Matt Koleszar (D-Plymouth) issued the following statement supporting the legislation:

“As a teacher-turned-legislator, I believe we must do everything we can to protect our children, teens and young adults from gun violence. We must pass legislation that implements universal background checks on all gun purchases, safe storage laws and red flag laws. I will fight to pass these bills to protect my former students, my fellow teachers and parents. Enough is enough — let’s do something to put an end to gun violence here in Michigan.”