LANSING – State Representative Robert L. Kosowski (D-Westland) praised his colleagues for voting in favor of his bill, House Bill 5488, along with several others related to worker’s compensation claims at Delphi Automotive. The 13-bill package now moves to the Senate for consideration.

“I’m proud to be part of the effort to help these workers receive the benefits they should have had for years,” Kosowski said. “These bills will bring fairness and closure to workers who were injured on the job and their families.”

At issue are roughly 350 Delphi workers who filed worker’s compensation claims between 1999 and 2005, when the company filed for bankruptcy. As a result of legal and financial issues, the fund that would cover these claims was unable to pay. Kosowski and colleagues on both sides of the aisle introduced the package of bills to help the Delphi workers. HB 5488 makes a small technical change, but it is necessary for the workers to receive benefits.

“The best policy solutions happen when both parties work together to solve a real problem,” Kosowski said. “My colleagues and I will work with our Senate counterparts to get these bills to the governor’s desk and signed into law as quickly as possible.”