LANSING — State Representative Robert Kosowski (D-Westland) recently introduced House Bill 5012, part of a three-bill package that would direct the Michigan State Police (MSP) to maintain a list of qualified volunteers to patrol school premises, make that list available to school districts, and provide a tax-credit to those individuals.

“This is just common-sense legislation,” Kosowski said. “Unfortunately, school violence is on the rise. There was a time when we didn’t have to worry about sending our children to school and subjecting them to a potentially unsafe environment. Those times have passed, and it is time for Michigan to be proactive about ensuring our children are as safe as possible while learning. This is why I decided to lead this bipartisan package of bills.”

In addition to directing the MSP to maintain the list, HB 5012 also sets forth the requirements for a person to be considered a qualified volunteer for patrol purposes. These requirements include that the individual be a current or former certified law enforcement officer, submit to a criminal background check and be certified to carry a concealed firearm.

“Being the father of two school-age boys, I cannot imagine a more important issue than making certain our kids are safe at school,” Kosowski said, “My legislation will add another layer of protection into place in addition to the safeguards schools already put into place. Hopefully, it will provide parents with some peace of mind.”