LANSING — This week, state Representative Robert Kosowski (D-Westland) introduced legislation that would exempt students purchasing college textbooks from paying taxes. “Statistics show that the average student who graduated in 2015 will have a student-loan debt amount of a little more than $35,000,” Kosowski said. “While my legislation isn’t necessarily the answer to this student debt issue, it is a way for students to find a little reprieve while purchasing required textbooks.”

House Bill 5309 requires that in order to be eligible for the exemption, the person purchasing the books must be a full- or part-time college student, present a valid student identification card at the time of purchase, and show that the books are required for courses the student is currently enrolled in.

“Currently, twenty-one other states have some form of tax exemption for the purchase of college textbooks in statute,” Kosowski said. “In my opinion, this is just a common-sense bill. Many of today’s college graduates have to worry about working while in school, as well as contributing toward their tuition and paying numerous bills. My legislation will allow for them to have some relief — even if it is only slight — while going through what can be a stressful time.”