LANSING -State Representative Robert Kosowski (D-Westland) came away with many questions after Governor Snyder’s State of the State Address last night.

“Evidently, solutions were not the primary attribute of the Governor’s address,” Kosowski said. “While I agree there is a need to improve our roads, I also believe education and job creation should have had a more prominent role in his speech.”

Representative Kosowski had hoped to hear a greater commitment to bipartisanship through addressing the actions taken by the Governor and the previous legislature on controversial issues such as “Right to Work” legislation. In addition, a greater focus on the issues of most importance to Michiganders was lacking. “Middle class families are yearning to hear solutions that will ensure that they can provide for their families,” Kosowski said.

Despite a lack of attention paid to restoring relationships after the divisive actions taken by the governor last year, Representative Kosowski is hopeful that some legislation proposed by the governor can be accomplished across party lines.

“I believe that the governor’s proposed plan to increase the hiring of Michigan veterans and to crackdown on slumlords in our cities could be of great benefit to those throughout Michigan and in the communities of Wayne and Westland,” said Kosowski.