TROY — State Rep. Padma Kuppa (D-Troy) hosted a fireside chat on Tuesday to offer community members the opportunity to learn strategies for making their homes more energy efficient and to reduce their personal carbon footprint. The event also brought together a panel of experts from across the state to discuss the important issues facing the energy and environmental landscape in Michigan, including Marsha Kelliher, President of Walsh College; Brandon J. Hofmeister, CMS Energy; Bali Kumar, Lean & Green Michigan; and Tremaine L. Phillips, Michigan Public Service Commission.

“It was encouraging to see so many of our community members join together to learn more and discuss the intricate ways our energy use impacts our environment,” said Kuppa. “With so many precious natural resources and as the Great Lakes State, we each have a responsibility to ensure we are doing our part in keeping the ‘Pure’ in ‘Pure Michigan’. With the help of our expert panelists, partnering organizations and passionate community members, we took another step forward together toward building a stronger, greener future for the generations of Michiganders to come.”

In addition to the expert panelists, guest organizations were present to offer additional resources and information on energy and the environment, including the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, Michigan Interfaith Power and Light, For Our Future, Clean Water Action, and more.