CLAWSON — State Rep. Padma Kuppa (D-Troy) hosted a lunch and learn for seniors in the Clawson community at the Clawson Senior Center last week. At the event, Sherri Rushman with Oakland Community Health Network led a discussion and shared practical ways to combat loneliness and isolation, and how to reconnect with more people in the community.

“One of the first steps we must take for the seniors in our community is to raise awareness through events like these about how people can age with dignity and maintain their health and well-being,” said Kuppa. “This is such an important issue to not only me, but our community and state as a whole; I will always be fighting to ensure every Michigander feels encouraged, supported and welcome no matter their age.”

According to a recent national survey conducted by the University of Michigan on healthy aging, one in three adult respondents ages 50-80 years reported feeling a lack of companionship. Feelings of loneliness, lack of companionship or social isolation have been found to cause major health implications for older adults, including memory, physical well-being, mental health and life expectancy.