TROY — State Rep. Padma Kuppa (D-Troy) hosted a town hall at Automation Alley in Troy last week focusing on the state budget, providing community members with an overview of the process. The presentation also included information on how the budget presented by the House majority compared with the governor’s recommendations, as well as how the budget could impact road construction and other priorities in the area. Panelists also discussed the role of the House Appropriations Committee and its subcomittees in creating budgets and how they reach the House floor for a vote.

“The state’s budget for the next fiscal year will greatly impact the families of Troy and Clawson, so I was glad to see so many of our neighbors attend this event asking questions and participating in the process,” said Kuppa. “It’s clear that our priorities are a reflection of our values: quality schools for our kids, clean water in our homes and safe roads to drive on. I’m committed to fighting for a final budget that reflects what District 41 constituents want.”

Special guest experts from across Michigan served as panelists, including state Rep. Kristy Pagan (D-Canton) vice chair of the Appropriations Education subcommittee, State Budget Director Chris Kolb, and Kim Avery from the Michigan Department of Transportation.