LANSING – Yesterday, the House of Representatives finished passing the collection of bills comprising the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 budget. Despite House Democrats introducing a number of amendments, House Republicans ultimately rejected them, resulting in budgets that fail to adequately fund road repairs, schools, or the infrastructure upgrades needed to ensure Michiganders have access to clean water. In response, state Rep. Padma Kuppa (D-Troy), who introduced amendments to the Higher Education Budget and to restore $1.4 million of funding required for the voter-mandated Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, issued the following statement:


“I joined this Legislature to work alongside my colleagues, support what the majority of voters wanted, and to implement the best policies for the families of our state. If we are serious about making Michigan a competitor in the 21st century economy, proposing a budget that allocates the necessary funds to achieve this is common sense. Michiganders deserve better than being forced to choose between supporting our students and teachers, having safe roads to drive on, and protecting our natural resources. I will continue to fight for a final budget that includes all of these vital aspects needed to move our communities forward. This is what representative democracy looks like.”