Clawson, Mich., Oct. 30, 2020 — The Oakland County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority has received Michigan Strategic Fund approval for a Brownfield work plan that will include $275,868 in state tax capture reimbursement for the Downtown Clawson Redevelopment Project.

“I am thrilled to see the city of Clawson was able to secure this much needed funding,”  said state Rep. Padma Kuppa (D-Troy). “The improvements made in downtown Clawson are expected to create nearly $10 million of capital investment, establish the equivalent of 20 full-time jobs, provide more housing options and bring new commercial attractions downtown. This redevelopment is an exciting opportunity to continue improving our vibrant community.”

The Downtown Clawson Redevelopment Project includes rehabilitation and new construction of commercial and residential space located in the downtown. The property currently has one vacant building and another building that houses an ACE Hardware store and vacant commercial space. The vacant building will be demolished, and the other building will be rehabilitated into commercial and residential space.