LANSING, Mich. Oct. 3, 2022 — State Rep. David LaGrand (D-Grand Rapids) introduced House Bill 6436 last week. The bill aims to prohibit an elected official or a staff member of an elected official from being connected to a 501(c) organization, with an exemption for religious organizations. 


“Our nation is currently experiencing a crisis of confidence in government. If we, as elected officials, want voters to trust us, we need to constantly be searching for avenues to act in more trustworthy ways. Currently, individuals in power can circumvent our campaign finance laws by funneling money through nonprofit organizations,” LaGrand said. “My bill will prohibit legislators and staffers from having any direct connection to these organizations, with an exemption for religious organizations. This would help end the use of dark money that often flows through these entities for the purpose of political gain, and is not publicly reported. This legislation, if passed, would get us one step closer to restoring faith in our government.” 


This newly introduced bill aligns with LaGrand’s longtime leadership in holding elected officials accountable and making Michigan’s government more transparent. Legislation he has introduced to achieve these aims include House Bills 4168 and 4323 and House Resolution 224.