LANSING – State Representative Marilyn Lane (Fraser) did not miss a single one of the 613 votes taken during the 2011 House session. Rep. Lane was one of 61 lawmakers out of the 110 House members who did not miss a vote last year.

“I take seriously my job representing the people of the 31st District,” Lane said. “As their state representative, I know that every vote I cast represents an opportunity for the people of Macomb County to have their voices heard in Lansing. Any missed vote means that opportunity has been lost for the hard-working people of our district. I will continue to do my part to ensure that every vote taken will help move Michigan in the right direction in the upcoming year.”

In addition to her voting record, Lane introduced three pieces of legislation during the 2011 session and co-sponsored another 95. Highlights of the past year include:

  • House Bill 4087, which repeals lifetime health care for legislators. This bill has become law.

  • House Bill 4163, which prohibits harassment and bullying in Michigan schools and has become law.

  • House Bill 4118, which requires lenders to meet with borrowers before a foreclosure by advertisement can take place.

  • House Bill 4599, which strengthens protections against elder abuse.

“Michigan citizens deserve lawmakers who will work tirelessly on their behalf, and I will do that for the people of Macomb County,” Lane said. “Throughout 2011, I kept the interests of my constituents as my top priority. I value their conversations with me, and I look forward to hearing more from them as the 2012 legislative session gets underway. I feel positive about Michigan’s future, and my goal in the coming year is to do all I can for the people of our district.”