LANSING — State Representative Bill LaVoy (D-Monroe) has introduced legislation that will allow judicial candidates more time to withdraw from the ballot when their election would conflict with a new position. Monroe County circuit Judge Michael LaBeau stepped down earlier this year. Judge Mark S. Braunlich was named to replace him and can’t withdraw from his race for re-election as a district judge. House Bill 5875 would extend the period of withdrawal for judicial candidates to help prevent such a situation.

“I’m sure that the judge appointed to a higher bench would remove himself from the ballot if he could, but current law doesn’t allow for that,” LaVoy said. “When I learned of this situation, I researched the law and introduced HB 5875 to prevent this situation from happening in our communities.”

Under current law, judicial candidates cannot withdraw from the ballot after the third day following the candidate filing deadline. HB 5875 would change that to 60 days before a primary election or, in races without a primary, 60 days before the general election.

“This is an unusual situation,” Judge Braunlich said. “I support State Representative LaVoy’s efforts to address this situation and maintain the integrity of the judicial selection process.”