LANSING — State Representative Bill LaVoy (D-Monroe) offered amendments to an income tax rollback bill today in the House Tax Policy Committee. As written, the bill would trigger additional tax cuts if state revenue increases. Instead, LaVoy proposed amendments that would trigger more tax cuts only if the outstanding debt issued by the state that year is less than the year before.

“We have a surplus of almost $1 billion, and although we want to provide tax relief to Michigan families, we have to do it responsibly,” LaVoy said. “My amendments would ensure that we live within our means and remain fiscally responsible while putting money back in people’s wallets.”

Other Democrats on the committee offered amendments to tie income tax cuts with other tax relief bills, such as repealing the new retirement tax and restoring the Earned Income Tax Credit. Additional amendments would have designated a fraction of income tax revenue to the School Aid Fund. All Democratic amendments were voted down.

“My colleagues and I are trying to do tax relief the right way – giving money back to working families and seniors, and making sure that schools get the funding they need to properly educate our kids,” LaVoy said. “Despite our amendments failing, I will continue working toward these goals.”