How to deal with Michigan’s crumbling roads was the subject of a public forum sponsored by State Representatives Marilyn Lane (D-Fraser) and Anthony Forlini (R-Harrison Township) earlier this month.

Topics for the meeting included the state of our crumbling roads and the governor’s proposal on how to generate money for road maintenance and new road projects in Macomb County.

“Michigan’s roads are disintegrating and there’s no long- or short-term plan in place to make the needed repairs,” Lane said.

Forlini added: “I want assurances that the current funding for infrastructure is not going behind a desk, but is actually being spent on our roads.”?

Forlini and Lane acted as moderators during the forum. Audience members directed questions and concerns to a panel consisting of State Representative Lesia Liss (D-Warren), who serves on the House Transportation Committee; State Representative Ken Goike (R-Ray), the vice-chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation; Robert Hoepfner, director of roads for the Macomb County Department of Roads; Drew Buckner, manager of the Macomb Transportation Center for the Michigan Department of Transportation; and Roy C. Rose, civil engineer and vice chair of Business for Better Transportation.

Repairing Michigan’s crumbling infrastructure in Macomb County is at the top of Lane’s and Forlini’s agenda in Lansing, the lawmakers said, adding they are happy to join in a bipartisan effort with their colleagues and experts in the field to map out long-term solutions.

The forum took place at the Macomb Intermediate School District.