Camilleri 100 Days 2021_FB(Final).png

Dear Neighbor,

As hard as it is to believe, today marks the first hundred days of our 2021 term. From efforts to curb the pandemic in our state to fighting to allocate federal COVID-19 funding for our Downriver community, we have been hard at work to make sure we can recover as quickly as possible while looking toward a brighter future.

Since January, our team has assisted thousands of constituents with unemployment claims, and my colleagues and I have worked to push comprehensive reforms to our unemployment system so we can provide reliable help to those who need it most.

We have fought to expand collective bargaining power and worker rights by introducing legislation to repeal Michigan’s unjust Right to Work law, advocated for increased pay and protections for frontline workers, and stood up for more small business relief.

We have fought for much-need funding for Downriver students and schools, read virtually to thousands of students throughout March is Reading Month, and started a new Downriver Youth Advisory Council to encourage and support the next generation of Downriver leaders. We have also worked to combat Michigan’s literacy crisis by introducing legislation to require a library with a certified media specialist in every public school and honored our hardworking educators with our Teacher of the Month program.

We have worked to solve our most complex transportation problems by introducing legislation to build bridges over troublesome rail crossings with a statewide grade separation program.

We have advocated for increased government transparency by expanding the Freedom of Information Act to the governor’s office and Legislature and held regular virtual events to keep Downriver residents informed.

But most of all, we have fought to get Downriver residents the relief they need and deserve. Since this pandemic began, I have been inspired by how this community has persevered through this crisis. However, our work continues, and I can promise I will keep fighting for everyone across our district through the hundred day mark and beyond.

If there’s anything you or your family need or any way my team and I can be helpful, please don’t hesitate to reach out.