LANSING — State Rep. Leslie Love (D-Detroit) recently introduced legislation in a package of bills to standardize and professionalize a component of the adult entertainment industry in Michigan.

“I am proud to be a part of a bipartisan effort to take a new look at this issue,” Love said. “Regardless of how one personally feels about the industry, one of our key tasks as legislators is to ensure we’re addressing gaps in existing laws, particularly when it comes to workplace safety. That’s why enacting these regulations is critical, to create an additional layer of protection for workers and patrons alike.”

The group of bipartisan female legislators introduced eight bills to address a range of issues including licensing entertainers and club managers, human trafficking awareness and prevention, sexual assault awareness and prevention, and the age of the dancers in the clubs. The intention of the package to bring uniformity to industry regulations and create a more professional and hygienic environment for staff and patrons.

Rep. Love has two bills in the package, House Bills 5972-3. House Bill 5972, which would clarify the definitions of adult entertainment and adult entertainment business.  It would also prohibit patrons from engaging in sexual activity on the premises with an employee. As it stands, there is no clear prohibition on such behavior, and the bill aims to make the ban clear and establish consequences for violators.

In addition, House Bill 5973, would create and compel entertainers and managers be licensed. It would also create a regulatory board that would be comprised of licensed entertainers, licensed managers, and members of the public.

“Like any other workplace, oversight and standardization are critical components of safety,” Love said. “Yet for years because of the nature of this work, little attention has been paid to creating these kinds of regulations. It’s time for that mentality to come to an end. Our legislation will create both accountability and transparency for entertainment clubs and managers, and ensure that those working there are able to do so in a safe environment.”