LANSING — State Representative Leslie Love (D-Detroit) introduced a bill recently that would protect local governments from being sued by medical marijuana dispensaries that currently have operational injunctions against them. House Bill 5445 would prevent businesses that are in violation of local ordinances from receiving injunctive relief or from attempting to claim damages while the ordinance is being enforced.

 “Like with any new industry, there are going to be some growing pains when figuring out how to best deal with issues,” said Rep. Love. “We’re still very much in the exploratory stages of the medical marijuana industry here in Michigan, and so there are going to be situations, like the ones we’re seeing arise at the local level, that take some time to sort out. HB 5445 is going to take some of the headache out of those situations.”

With the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in Detroit currently on the rise, legislators have struggled to find the balance between state and local regulation for the burgeoning new industry. HB 5445 hopes to strike a balance between the two, by allowing cities and townships a greater measure of authority in enforcing local ordinances. The bill was referred to the House Judiciary Committee, where it currently awaits a hearing.