LANSING — Today, state Rep. Leslie Love (D-Detroit) introduced House Bill 5883, which would impose an excise tax of two dollars on the purchase of certain vehicles that use our public roads. The revenue from the tax would go to the Michigan transportation fund to help fix Michigan’s crumbling roads.

“There are many non-automobiles currently sharing the road, so perhaps it is time for them to share the costs of maintaining them,” Love said. “We make great accommodations to allow vehicles like traditional and electric bicycles and mopeds of all sizes to share the roads. My bill offers all travelers the opportunity to enjoy the civic pride of paying their share.”

Every week there are new stories about broken axles, blown tires and car accidents that resulted from our bad roads. While a recent addition of $175 million in resources to fix the roads will help, House Democrats know that the people in House District 10 and Michiganders statewide need more than stop-gap proposals that do nothing to keep the roads from getting worse.

“I enjoy bicycling, and this July 21 I am hosting my 10th Annual ‘Biking with the Rep’ event,” Love said. “But bicycles ride on the same crumbling, dangerous roads as cars and trucks, and the potholes affect them, too.”