“Here in Southeast Michigan, we have been ravaged by the coronavirus, and our grief and loss are compounded by the lack of empathy and support from some of our fellow Michiganders. Many people are devastated by the death of our friends, family and loved ones, traumatized by trailers of dead bodies, and angry with people who can’t muster the empathy to understand. And this isn’t just a Southeast Michigan problem, people across Michigan and the country are suffering from COVID-19. It deeply troubled me to see people are not following the social distancing or safety protocols at yesterday’s protest. I know that this isn’t easy, but in times of crisis and we all must make some sacrifices. We’ll get through this together.

“If you live in an area with very few cases, be thankful! Because I can assure you this disease is very serious, and you don’t want it ravaging your community as it is mine. Listen, I want my lifestyle back too. But I want to see as many Michiganders as possible to survive this even more. Please be patient. Be respectful. Be responsible. Be humane. And remember that there are many things we can do to revive and restart the economy, but once a life is lost, it is lost forever. I kindly ask for a little understanding as we carefully transition to normalcy.”