Lowering Costs for Working Families

House Democrats quintupled the Working Families Tax Credit, also known as the Earned Income Tax Credit. This important tax credit increases tax refunds for low-income families who file taxes, helping Michiganders pay down debts and afford basic necessities. The EITC has been a crucial tool to reduce the number of Americans living in poverty. This expansion will lift 22,000 Michiganders out of poverty and send 730,000 working class families an average refund of almost $3,000.

Restoring Workers’ Rights

Families across Michigan are struggling at the gas pump, cash register and pharmacy. They shouldn’t have to break the bank to put food on their tables. That’s why I voted to restore workers’ rights in Michigan, as employers and employees both need a seat at the table. Repealing the so-called “right to work” law and re-instituting prevailing wage laws for construction projects will help working families get ahead.

Great Start Readiness

The latest state budget invests in the Great Start Readiness Program to make preschool affordable for nearly every family, so every eligible child can access a high-quality early education. One year of high-quality preschool increases the likelihood of literacy, graduating from high school and moving on to college. End to end, every major life outcome is affected. I can’t think of a better investment for long term prosperity.

Michigan Reconnect

  • The MI Reconnect program helps pay the costs of tuition or training for eligible adults who want to pursue an associate or technical degree. In order to be eligible for Michigan Reconnect, adults must meet the following criteria:
    • Have lived in Michigan for over one year.
    • Will be at least 21 by Nov. 15.
    • Have a high school diploma or equivalent.
    • Have not yet completed a college degree (associate or bachelor’s).
    • Are enrolled in an aid-eligible program.

Consumer Protection/Drug Immunity

Michigan was the only state in the nation that gave blanket immunity to drug companies. If their product had Food and Drug Administration approval, citizens had no right to sue. While most FDA-approved medicines are safe when used as directed, that is not always the case. Consumers deserve some level of recourse if the medicine they take causes undue injury. House Democrats passed legislation that gives that right back to the citizens of our state. Residents and state and local governments will now be able to bring claims against pharmaceutical companies and distributors for injuries caused by their products. This is a big deal, as the legislation will restore accountability to drug manufacturers and vital access to justice for our state and its people — and I was proud to vote for its passage.

No-Cost Lunches for Public School Students 

  • Michigan students are now receiving free breakfast and lunch at public schools. We made breakfast and lunch universal to erase the painful stigma that so often comes with free school meals. Providing free breakfast and lunch will ensure that, throughout the week, hundreds of thousands more children in our state have the nutrition they need to learn. This means fewer behavioral problems and higher educational attainment, putting more kids on the path to happy, healthy and prosperous lives, while diminishing stress and saving money for parents.