LANSING, Mich., June 27, 2023 — State Rep. Sharon MacDonell’s (D-Troy) bill passed the Michigan House of Representatives today. House Bill 4353 will allow the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to designate certain already constructed highway lanes in the state as high-occupancy vehicle lanes, also known as carpool lanes.

“I’m happy to see this bill pass the House,” MacDonell said. “This bill will help reduce pollution in our state and help limit excess noise by encouraging Michiganders to carpool, reducing the number of vehicles on our highways at a time. This legislation will make highway driving more efficient and mobility in Michigan smoother.”

In addition to allowing the creation of carpool lanes, this bill satisfies the conditions of a federal grant given to MDOT for last decade’s I-75 Modernization Project. If not for this legislation being passed, MDOT would owe the federal government $40 million. This bill also ensures that all of MDOT’s funds are used to improve the transportation experiences of Michiganders. The bill only gives MDOT the authority to build new highway lanes and make them carpool lanes; it does not give MDOT the authority to turn existing highway lanes into carpool lanes.