WARREN — State Representatives John Chirkun (D-Roseville), Marilyn Lane (D-Fraser), Derek Miller (D-Warren) and Henry Yanez (D-Sterling Heights) toured the Planned Parenthood Warren Health Center today. The legislators visited the clinic to learn about the wide variety of health care and family planning services the clinic provides to women and men. They met with health center manager Amanda Tabor, health center supervisor Sarah Pinch, a patient advocate and Planned Parenthood of Michigan officials. While touring the clinic, they had the opportunity to talk with health center staff and ask questions and hear their perspectives on the services they provide.

“I appreciate the health center taking the time to talk to us and show us how it serves the women, men and families of our community,” said Chirkun. “We hear a lot of state officials talk about the need to take better care of ourselves and to stay healthy. The Warren Health Care center does just exactly that for a lot of Michiganders, and that’s why I support them.”

“Planned Parenthood’s Warren Health Center provides services that women and their families might otherwise not have access to,” said Lane. “These health care providers are an important part of our community, and I thank them for talking to us today and for the services they provide.”

Planned Parenthood clinics offer women’s reproductive health care services, and many cover general health care services including blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, anemia testing, diabetes testing, physical exams and smoking cessation programs. Some centers are able to charge according to income, making health care available to some women who would otherwise have to go without it.

“The Warren Health Center offers more than just reproductive health care services, and I think it’s safe to say that without this center, a lot of men, women and families would go without health care,” said Miller. “I appreciate and thank them for the work they do.”

 “Talking to the health care providers and hearing their perspective on the services they offer and the clients they serve was helpful, because now I have an even better understanding of just how important they are to the families they serve,” said Yanez. “I thank them for taking time out of their busy day to show us their facility and talk to us about what they do.”